Work & Atelier  

Artsy Jo's studio is located in the historic village of Antibes in southern France. Surrounded by many artists, she finds the time and inspiration to create works of art that speak to the heart. 


Her creations are as colorful as her life is and are made of a combination of decoupage and mixed media.


She works with a multitude of materials, including paint, plaster, textiles, and inks. Her original works of art are then printed on canvas. 


Artsy Jo is inspired by many different themes in life such as nature, culture, surrealism and spirituality which makes her work incredibly versatile. 


Some pieces have a deeper meaning, others give you a message. The many details make you keep looking at her work and discover deeper layers. Artsy Jo believes that art is something that should be accessible, available to those who want it, bring happiness and inspiration into people's homes and lives. 


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