"Beautiful things fascinate me"
- Artsy Jo

Artsy Jo was born and raised in the Netherlands where she learned how to express herself creatively at an early age. Her father, a talented oil painter, helped her develop an eye for beauty for which she is incredibly grateful. 


After having had a colorful, multifaceted and international career as a psychologist, a real estate agent in France and an eclectic store owner in Florida, she was led back to her creative roots and decided to start her own art studio. 


These days, Artsy Jo lives in the historic village of Antibes, France where she creates her beautiful works of art using a technique called "mixed media" (a combination of collage and decoupage). 


According to Artsy Jo, a home needs to be filled with beauty and joy and that is exactly what her works seeks to do: uplift and inspire, adding a magical touch to one's home.